If a girl is slightly chubby even, she’s fat, she’s ugly.
If a girl is shorter than average, she’s a midget, she’s ugly.
If a girl is taller than average, she’s a giant, she’s ugly.
If a girl has body hair, she’s an animal, she’s ugly.
If a girl smokes, she’s a hoe, she’s ugly.
If a girl doesn’t smoke, she’s uncool and weird, she’s ugly.
And tbh, it’s not even guys anymore. There are so many narrow minded people out there. Even girls. It’s my choice what I do and who I am. You don’t like me, okay. You don’t like me then. It’s up to you. But then, you have NO RIGHT to call me anything. Or say ANYTHING about me. Or depreciate me around other people. You’re just not satisfied with your own pathetic lame life and you’re making that my problem. Criticising me might make you feel better about yourself for a second, but that does not even minutely change the fact that your brain is smaller than the size of a pea and you are on the lower than the lowest mark of the humanity scale.